About Dr. Keith Farmer

If there is anyone who truly understands how to take lemons and make lemonade, it’s Dr Keith Farmer.

At the age of 13 while growing up in Detroit, Farmer lost his father and credits a spiritual mentor in the community, Dr Frederick G Sampson, a noted theologian and pastor for helping him stay on track and discover his purpose.


The Bishop

“I was consecrated as a bishop in 2005, “ Farmer added.“I enjoy serving as a pastor.”

Consecrated 2005 Bishop in the Lord’s Church by World Pentecostal Fellowship Ministry Board of Bishops, he served as National Executive Director And 1st assistant Presiding Prelate, Member of General Apostle Council of World Pentecostal Fellowship for over 7 years.

He also Served on the Board of Advisors for Dr Willie Robbins Jr College of Biblical Studies a Christian college.


The Coach

He has also worked for two schools in Detroit where he focused on student services.

Farmer is currently serving on the Impact Television Network Executive team. Where he oversees the Community Affairs of the Network which reaches over 85 million homes worldwide and is the only African-American owned and operated CHRISTIAN television network.

Farmer the father of six children, also co-hosts a TV show and radio show with his wife called the LifeLine Show and both programs are part of the Impact Network where they reach approximately 60 million homes including the Bahamas and Africa.

Farmer started in television many years ago and worked in both Florida and Georgia producing shows.

Both Farmer and his wife believe there is no better time to be in Detroit than now.


The Entrepreneur

Today, Farmer and his wife Nicole, run the Entrepreneur’s Hub in Detroit, which helps people build businesses through assisting with business plan development, finding funding, and finding ways for expansion and growth. He also oversees the non profit known as Grand Innovation.

Together they have provided an atmosphere which has allowed the company to coach thousands of entrepreneurs on their journey through the day-today ins and outs of running a business. Farmer has always enjoyed working in sales and marketing.

In 1980, Farmer was called into the ministry and he has followed that path ever since. He has a strong faith that he uses to help all people no matter which religion they follow. Today, he is a bishop with four honorary degrees in the Christian theology.

Farmer is also the owner of Farmer Holdings Group, 3 Fold Production and Entertainment and 3 Fold Management.

A former record company executive with Atlanta International Records serving artist such as Dottie Peeples, Luther Barnes and many others. God Blessed Bishop Farmer with the gift of administration and Marketing/advertising ,which he has used to hold major contracts with I Like it Communications/ Faith Based Communications for 25 years, producing programs such as Wrigley Gospel Awards, Black College Workshop Thanksgiving Gala and now the McDonald’s Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour. And over the last several years he has served as Concert Promoter for Gods World Detroit producing its Concerts.

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