Successful leaders have the ability to motivate, inspire and direct others. To do that, they have to be passionate and dedicated. Leadership requires commitment. It’s that simple. If a leader only pursued his vision whenever it was convenient, then we can be certain that fruitfulness is a long way away. Leaders need to be dedicated to their vision and commit themselves to whatever it takes to fulfill it. Dedication is best seen not in the best seasons of leadership, but in times of crises and crossroads. Dedicated leaders are able to overcome whatever obstacles they encounter. Best leaders put organization first and are even willing to make personal sacrifices just to achieve the organization’s goal. They not only show commitment and dedication, but self-discipline and unselfishness as well. When you model dedication to your people, they will have the assurance that you are forging a path for them to follow and will be inspired to pursue that path with the same level of commitment.


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