A good leader is always a good follower first. If we know how to follow well, how to honor the leaders in our lives, and how to demonstrate loyalty to their leadership, then we will have gained meaningful insight into how we can be good leaders ourselves.

When we know what it is like to be a follower, we will also be able to empathize with the people who follow us, as well as be attuned to how we can best develop them. Being a good follower also develops in us an attitude of humility and an openness to learn from other people.

So what are the usual characteristics of being a good follower?

a. Obedient – a leader shouldn’t give orders if he himself cannot obey orders from other people. Obedience is an essential part of an organization’s success.

b. Humble – a good follower knows that everything is not about him. He observes and sees things what needs to be done, and he does it wholeheartedly because it’s for the good of the team.

c. Loyal – a good follower shouldn’t speak ill of his boss in public and should understand what public loyalty is.

Ask yourself this: Am I a good follower? What are the things I need to work on in order to develop this aspect well?

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