Great leadership is never primarily founded on emotion. If we led based on what we feel at the moment, imagine how sketchy our leadership and direction will be when our emotions change from moment to moment! This is not to say that we should never consider or factor in our emotions when we lead – they should just not be our primary tool in making decisions.

We respond to information given to us by showing our emotions. If you receive a negative information, this would in turn bring about a negative feeling. If one of your subordinates forgot to submit an important deliverable, what do you think you would feel? You might feel angry or frustrated. But believe me, don’t trust these feelings; better yet, don’t show these emotions to your subordinate.

Where then should we base our leadership? Two major things: VISION and VALUES. Vision keeps us on-track with our desired future and outcome. Vision keeps us aligned with the “why.” Values keep us grounded in reality. They guide us on how we are to lead in the present and what kind of culture and environment we set for our people to thrive in. Values keep us attuned to the “how” – the methods that we use as we lead, and what guiding principles serve as our compass in making daily decisions.

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