A great leader is always defined by his integrity — he should lead by example. When you lead by example, you make it easier for others to follow you. Those who walk their walk and model what they preach are always respected. There can never be a better example for people than their leader’s life. How we model our values and how we cast our vision as leaders can either build or break our credibility. We can have a great vision, and we can have a great system or process; but if we ourselves are not willing to embrace and exude the things we expect our people to follow, then it will be difficult for people to join us. And even if they do, they may only be following out of fear or obligation, not out of respect and loyalty.

When leaders don’t practice what they preach, it would be difficult for others to work successfully. If you said one thing and did another, the next time you say something, others might not believe you. If your team doesn’t trust you, the vision that you are promoting will lose its appeal and eventually, the goal that you are trying to achieve will not materialize.


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