Question: Can you please everyone? Should you try to please everyone?

Answer is, NO — One cannot please everyone and one cannot satisfy all.

Here’s the hard truth: People will always have something to say. Leaders are primary targets of opinions, as people know they have the final say and have influence on those they work alongside. While it’s good to know that people want to be involved in a decision-making process, a wealth of opinions – no matter how well-intended – may end up paralyzing leaders who have the tendency to want to please everyone.

Here’s another truth: You can’t please everybody. If we led with the desire to make everyone happy, you will end up disappointed with such an expectation. Value opinions, and the value the people to give them to you – but choose whose opinions truly matter. But don’t let opinions pressure you into making a decision you cannot live with. At the end of the day, you must remember that leadership is not a popularity contest, but rather leadership is making sound judgements in every situation.

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